Secure Communications inside and outside your organization

Forsta Messenger

Rich communication from any device

Forsta provides Messenger clients for Web, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Messenger clients provide rich messaging capabilities and utilize Forsta’s unique capabilities including tags to enhance group communications, end-to-end encrypted synchronization between devices, pre-loaded message invites to non-Forsta users, and Announcements for one-way communication.

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Forsta Live Chat

Chat for secure environments

Forsta Live Chat furnishes end-to-end encrypted chat you can deploy on your website. With just a few lines of code, you can add a secure live chat so visitors can communicate with you securely. Ephemeral accounts created on the fly enable quick consumer onboarding.

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Forsta Message Vault

Blockchain ledger history retention

The Forsta Message Vault provides a fully functional message retention system that organizations can deploy in their own data center or cloud environment. Authorized users can search message history and export relevant messages and attachments for further review. All messages are securely stored in a database using external blockchain attestation to assure message history has not been modified or corrupted in any way.

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Forsta Compliance Monitor

Identify non-compliant communications

The Compliance monitor allows organizations to monitor message traffic and notify authorized users when triggers are hit. Organizations can monitor internal, outgoing, incoming or all messages using pre-defined and/or custom triggers. The Compliance Monitor can be modified or extended to meet specific requirements or use cases.

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