Develop on the Forsta Messaging Platform

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We built the Forsta messaging platform using the most sophisticated end-to-end encryption tools available. These tools are open source and so you can use them too!

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Librelay-node is a Node.js library based on the Signal end-to-end crypto system.

We built it to make it easier for anyone to create new ways to communicate via the Forsta messaging platform. Read the blog series about how to use it to build a secure chatbot.

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The Forsta Messaging Server

Adapted from the OpenWhisper System's Signal Server.  Forsta has added features required by businesses such as private organization structures, and users are addressed with a powerful tagging system rather than phone numbers. 

Forsta Messaging Server

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Forsta Messaging Clients

The original code for the Forsta Web Messenger and Android / iOS Apps were forked from OpenWhisper Systems' messaging clients, and the same elliptic-curve , endpoint originated encryption is maintained, but significant work has been made to their usability and feature lists. 

Web Messenger




The Vault

The Forsta Message Vault is an implementation of our Librelay-node application configured to leverage our end-to-end encryption to safely collect your organization's messages and data for search and e-discovery. 

Install it on the provider of your choice, be that your chosen cloud provider or your own data center.

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