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APIs and SDKs for:
ChatVoiceScreen Sharing
VideoDocumentsE2E Encryption

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Forsta adds white label messaging to your app with one line of code.


const myClient = 
new forsta.messenger.Client(
    $('#my-messenger')[0], clientAuth, clientOptions


From MVP to Enterprise

Launch in minutes with Forsta Inline. Or build as you scale with Forsta Components — our à la carte API.

Forsta Inline: Ship Today

More than just chat – add multi-function messaging and collaboration to your app in five minutes.

Prebuilt UI

Easily implement Forsta’s prebuilt UI or customize however you want.

Add Ephemeral Users With Just a Link

No registration. No hassles. Provide short term users low-friction messaging + collaboration that infinitely scales.

Full Collaboration Suite

End-to-end encrypted chat, voice, video, document and screen sharing.

Leave the Backend to Us

Everything you need to launch quickly —
always with our best-in-class encryption.
Need more control of your data?

Forsta Components: Customize as you Scale

Forge every detail of your user's experience.

Build it Your Way

Integrate full service messaging into your app with our à la carte API.

Easy Cross-platform Development

Develop faster with our open-source iOS, Android and Javascript SDKs.

Own Your Backend

Impose full control of your encrypted data with Forsta Vault. Need an on-premise solution?
Get in touch.

End-to-End Encrypted By Default

Keep private conversations private with Signal’s state-of-the-art encryption protocol.

End-to-End Encryption

All conversation data is encrypted using the Signal end-to-end encryption protocol.

Distributed Private Keys

Private keys to decrypt conversation data are only stored on users’ devices. Forsta does not store private keys.

Distributed Data Storage

Conversation data is stored on users’ devices. Forsta does not persistently store users' conversation data.

Pricing That Doesn’t Waste Your Time

No need to negotiate — pay only 6¢ an hour (per user).


  • 10K minutes free a month

  • Chat, Voice, Screen Sharing, Video, Documents, E2E Encryption

  • Access to support community
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Free until 2020

/ hour

per user or $5/user/month
  • All the core features plus...

  • No usage limits

  • Premium support
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  • On Premise or Private Cloud

  • Dedicated Developer Training + Support

  • Service Level Agreements

Let's Build the Future Together

Join Forsta’s fast-growing community of developers and product managers.

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